Anaatha Bandho Sai Prabho

Aparaadha Kshamaa Karo Sai Prabho

Mere Jeevan Yaatra Mein Saatha Raho

Prema Bhakti Huma Ko Deejo

Mere Hridaya Mandira Se Mata Jaao

Charanaamrita Sevaa Deejo Prabho


O Dearest Lord Sri Sai Thou art the Only Kinsman or Closest Relative of the orphaned. Kindly forgive us O Lord, of all our wrong doings. Kindly be with us in this journey of life and Grant us Thy Unconditional Divine Love and Devotion in plenty. Please be kind enough and do not leave the Temple of our hearts at any stage of our life. Always give us the opportunity to serve Thee and Thy Divine Lotus Feet.


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