Sri Guru Parthi Vaasaa

Sai Brahmaa Vishnu Maheshaa

Sri Guru Parthi Vaasaa

Allah Bhi Tuma Ho Maulaa Bhi Tuma Ho

Zoharaashtra Mahaavira Eshu Bhi Tuma Ho

Raama Rahima Ho Krishna Karima Ho


O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai of Parthi, Thou art our Supreme Divine Master. Thou art Lord Brahma – The Creator, Lord Sri Vishnu – The Saviour and Sustainer, and Lord Shiva – The Destroyer of all evil. Thou art Allah – The Most Merciful and Most Benevolent Almighty Lord. Allah is The Supreme Sovereign, HE is the Undisputed, Unexcelled Ruler of Creation and HE alone is worthy of worship. Thou art Lord Zoharashtra, Lord Mahavira, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Sri Rama, Lord Rahim, Lord Sri Krishna and Lord Karim.


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