Soham Soham Dhyaana Karo

Sadguru Sai Smarana Karo

Soham Soham Dhyaana Karo

Soham Brahmaa Soham Vishnu

Soham Sai Naama Japo

Soham Aatmaa Shiva Paramaatmaa

Brahmaananda Se Hridaya Bharo


Meditate constantly on The Sound ‘Soham’ which means ‘I am That’ or ‘I am God’. Contemplate on The Supreme Divine Master Lord Sri Sai. While meditating on The Divine Sound ‘Soham’ recite The Name of Lord Brahma, Lord Sri Vishnu, and Lord Sri Sai which means ‘I am Brahma’, ‘I am Vishnu’, ‘I am Sai’, ‘I am The Atma’, ‘I am Lord Shiva’, ‘I am The Supreme Soul’. While Meditating on ‘Soham’ fill the heart with Infinite Bliss by realizing the Higest Self i.e. The Atma.


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