Siddhi Vinaayaka Vaani Saraswati Shana Mukha Naathaa Gaurishaa

Sitaa Raama Raadhe Shyaam Rakhu Maayi Vitthala Hanumantaa

Sitaa Raama Raadhe Shyaam Rakhu Maayi Vitthala Ayyappaa


O Most Beloved Supreme Lord, Thou art in Various Forms. Thou art our Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Ganesha. O Lord Sri Vinayaka, Thou art The Bestower of Accomplishments and Intelligence and art The Beloved Divine Child of Mother Gauri – Who is The Most Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art Mother Saraswati – The Goddess of Speech and Thou Resides on our tongue. Thou art The Six-Headed Lord Subrahmanya. Thou art Lord Sri Rama – The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Sita. Thou art The Dark-Hued Lord Sri Vitthala and Mother Rukmini is Thy Beloved Divine Consort. Thou art Lord Sri Hanuman and Thou Serves Lord Sri Rama and Mother Sita. Thou art The Dark-Hued Lord Sri Krishna and Mother Radha is Thy Beloved Divine Consort. Thou art Lord Ayyappa. (Lord Ayyappan’s Story – Lord Shiva was overcome with lust for Mohini, in which Form Lord Sri Vishnu had Appeared, at the time of The Churning of The Ocean, in order to distract the asuras and prevent them from drinking the Nectar of Immortality, so that The Devas could divide the Nectar among themselves. Lord Shiva succumbed to the Beauty of Mohini and Lord Ayyappa is believed to have been born out of the Union. Thus HE is called Hari Hara Putra – The Divine Son of Lord Sri Vishnu (Hari) and of Lord Shiva (Hara). Lord Ayyappa is regarded as The Third Son of Lord Shiva, the other two being Lord Sri Ganesha and Lord Muruga or Kartikeya. The abandoned Divine Child was adopted by King Rajashekhara of Panthalarn in Kerala. But when a son was born to the Royal Couple, the Queen tried to kill Lord Ayyappan, by sending him to get the milk of a tigress. Lord Ayyappan saw through the deceit and survived, but has harboured a deep distrust for women ever since then. The Village of Sabarimala is named after Shabari, who did severe penance in order to meet Lord Sri Rama, Who Granted her wish for her devotion and faith during her penance.) (Exact meaning of the word Hanuman – ‘Hanu’ means to destroy and ‘maan’ means ego – so HE Who has destroyed HIS Ego totally is Hanuman.)


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