Shyaamala Komala Krishnaa Muraari (2)

Shyaamala Ghana Shyaamala Megha Shyaamala Komala Krishnaa Muraari

Shyaamala Komala Krishnaa Muraari

Sirdhara Yadu Vara Krishnaa Muraari (2)

Sridhara Nanda Yadu Vara Bhava Bhaya Hara Giridhara Krishnaa Muraari

Sridhara Yadu Vara Krishnaa Muraari


O My Most Beloved Dark-Hued Lord Sri Krishna, Thou art Ever-Young and art Most Beautiful. Thou art The Slayer of the ferocious demon Mura. Thou art The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Lakshmi – Who is The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Thou art The Divine Jewel of The Yadav Dynasty and art The Destroyer of the fear of the innumerable cycles of births and deaths and of the bondage of worldly existence. As Lord Sri Giridhari, Thou Held The Govardhan Mountain on Thy Little Finger, inorder to save Thy devotees, from the fury of devastating floods and calamities of the heavy rainfall.


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