Shesha Shaila Vaasaa Naaraayanaa

Bhakta Paarijaataa Naaraayanaa

Shesha Shaila Vaasaa Naaraayanaa

Sarva Jeeva Vaasaa Naaraayanaa

Saama Gaana Lolaa Naaraayanaa

Sathya Sai Roopaa Naaraayanaa (2)


O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai Narayana, Thou art The Sustainer of The Entire World and Mother Lakshmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity is Thy Beloved Divine Consort. Thou Reclines Blissfully on The Serpent-Coiled Bed of The Great Cobra King – Lord Sri Aadi Shesha in The Ocean of Milk. Thou Protects Thy devotees very lovingly and art too precious for them, just like the Parijaat tree which was found during the Churning of the Ocean and was later planted in The Garden of Satyabhama by Lord Sri Krishna. Thou art The Indweller of all beings and art fond of Devotional Music and singing by all. O Lord Sri Narayana, Thou has now Incarnated as Lord Sathya Sai and we sing and chant Thy Divine Name incessantly.


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