Sheraawaali Maa Meri Jyotaawaali Maa

Oonche Parvatwaali Mehraawaali Maa

Saare Bolo Jai Maataa Di

Sab Mil Bolo Jai Maataa Di

Ambe Bhavaani Maa Jagadambe Bhavaani Maa (3)

Maataa Sheraawaali Teri Shaan Niraali

Bhakton Ki Rakhawaali Meri Maiyaa Jyotaawaali

Meri Jyot Jagaa De Maa (5)


O Most Beloved Mother Bhavani, Thou art The Most Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos and Thou Rides on Thy Divine Vehicle – The Lion. Just as the flame of a lamp spreads light, similarly, Thou Enlightens us with Thy Divine Effulgence. Thou Resides in The High Mountain and Showers Thy Blessings and Grace on us. Let us all sing together The Glories of The Ever-Victorious Divine Mother. Thou art Mother Amba The Beloved Divine Consort of Lord Shiva – Who is The Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos. O Most Beloved Divine Mother, kindly Enlighten me.


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