Sarvatra Govinda Naam Sankirtana Govindaa Hare Govindaa

Sai Govindaa Hare Govindaa Hare Govindaa Hare Govindaa

Puraana Purushaa Govindaa Hare Punya Shlokaa Govindaa

Bhakta Vatsalaa Govindaa Hare Bhagwata Priya Govindaa

Krishnaa Raamaa Govindaa Hare Raamaa Krishnaa Govindaa

Sai Raamaa Govindaa Hare Sai Shyaamaa Govindaa


O Lord Sri Sai Govinda, we sing and chant Thy Divine Name and Glories. Thou art All-Pervading. Thou art Lord Sri Vishnu – The Eternal Ancient ONE and when we recite Divine Verses in Praise of Thee, then Thou Destroys our sins and sorrows and Protects our Souls. Thou Loves Thy devotees Immensely and Thou art Fond of The Bhagwat – Which is ONE of The Eighteen Puranas consisting of stories of Thy Divine Glory. Thou art our Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai Rama. Thou art our Beloved Dark-Hued Lord Sri Sai Krishna.


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