Sai Raam Megha Shyaama Parthi Sai Raam

Jai Jai Raam Jaanaki Raam Sathya Sai Raam

Hey Shiva Shankara Sai Shankara Shiva Shankara Shambho

Hey Shiva Shankara Gauri Shankara Shiva Shankara Shambho

Sai Raamaa Megha Shyaamaa

Jai Jai Raam Jaanaki Raam Sathya Sai Raam


O Dark-Hued Lord Sri Sathya Sai Rama of Parthi, Thou art The Ever-Victorious Divine Lord of Mother Sita. Thou art Lord Shiva – The Most Auscpicious Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art The Beloved Divine Consort of Mother Gauri – Who is The Most Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos. O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sathya Sai Rama, we sing and chant Thy Divine Name incessantly.


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