Sadaa Bhajo Re Shankara Naam (2)

Sadaa Japo Re Sai Naam

Saambha Sadaa Shiva Sai Sarveshwara (2)

Sundara Roopaa Hara Gangaa Dhara


Sing and chant incessantly, The Divine Name of Lord Sri Sai Shankara – Who is The Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos. O Lord Sai Shiva, Thou art The Most Auspicious and art Ever-Accompanied by Mother Amba – Who is The Most Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art The Most Beautiful Lord and Thou Holds The Holy River Mother Ganga in Thy Matted Locks. O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai, we sing and chant Thy Divine Name incessantly.


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