Raghu Pate Sri Raama Chandraa Raaghavaa Dayaa Nidhe (2)

Maadhavaa Sri Raadhikeshaa Govindaa Hare Krishnaa (2)

Pashu Pate Sri Paarvatishaa Shankaraa Sadaa Shivaa (2)


O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Rama, Thou art The Divine Jewel of The Raghu Dynasty and art Most Merciful and Most Compassionate. Thou hast within Thee, The Brilliance and Tranquility of The Full Moon and Thou Purifies the restless mind. Thou art Lord Sri Madhava – The Master of Divine Knowledge. Thou art Lord Sri Krishna – The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Radha. Thou art Lord Sri Govinda – The Protector of cows, the earth and of our senses. Thou art The Destroyer of our sins and sorrows and art The Protector of our Souls. Thou art Lord Shiva – The Most Auspicious Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos and art The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Parvati. Infact, Lord Shiva always Contemplated on The Divine Name of Lord Sri Rama and when Lord Sri Krishna was born, Lord Shiva went to See HIM.


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