Raaja Raajeshwari Jagan Mohini

Ambaa Raaja Raajeshwari Jagan Mohini

Jagadambe Mangala Kaarini

Ambaa Raaja Raajeshwari Jagan Mohini

Jagadoddhaarini Vighna Vinaashini

Chira Sukha Daayini Sai Janani


O Most Beloved Mother Sai, Thou art The Most Supreme, Divine Queen of Queens and art The Most Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art The Divine Enchantress of The Entire Cosmos. Lord Sri Vishnu assumed The Enticing Feminine Form of Goddess Mohini, during The Churning of The Ocean or ‘Sagar Manthan’, inorder to distract the demons and prevent them from drinking the Nectar of Immortality. Thou art Mother Amba – The Bestower of All Auspiciousness. Thou art The Uplifter of The Entire Cosmos and art The Destroyer of obstacles and sorrows. O Most Beloved Supreme Divine Mother Sai, Thou art The Bestower of Unlimited Happiness and Blessings.


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