Prabhu Raama Chandra Ke Dootaa Parameshaa Aanjaneyaa

Sri Raama Raama Jaya Raama Raama Jagadishaa Aanjaneyaa

Jagadishaa Aanjaneyaa Saishaa Aanjaneyaa

Jagadishaa Aanjaneyaa Saishaa Aanjaneyaa

Hey Pavana Putra Hanumantaa Jagadishaa Aanjaneyaa


O Lord Sri Hanuman, Thou art The Most Beloved Divine Messenger of Lord Sri Sai Rama – Who hast The Brilliance and Tranquility of The full Moon and is The Purifier of the restless mind. Thou art The Lord of The Entire Cosmos and art The Beloved Divine Son of The Wind God Pavan and Mother Anjani. Thou art The Ever-Victorious, Beloved Divine Messenger of The Ever-Victorious Lord Sri Sai Rama. (Exact meaning of the word Hanuman – ‘Hanu’ means to destroy and ‘maan’ means ego – so HE Who has destroyed HIS Ego totally is Hanuman.)


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