O Bhagawaan O Bhagawaan Araja Suno Mere Sai Bhagawaan

Parthi Puri Ke Tuma Ho Daataa

Brindaavana Ke Tuma Ho Daataa

Saba Bhakton Ke Mana Ko Bhaataa

Paara Utaaro Naiyaa Mori

Sai Ghana Shyaamaa Sai Ghana Shyaamaa

[Sai Ghana Shyaama Sai Ghana Shyaama (10)]


O my Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai of Puttaparthi, kindly hear my earnest prayers. Thou art The Lord of Brindavana Who art Drawn to the minds and hearts of all Thy devotees. Help us cross The Ocean of Worldly Existence and anchor our boat of life to the other shore. Thou art our Beloved, Dark-Hued Lord Sri Sai Krishna.


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