Nata Nandana Shiva Sai Muraari

Shyaama Manohara Bansi Dhaari

Nata Nandana Shiva Sai Muraari

Mukunda Maadhava Hey Giridhaari

Raasa Vilolaa Kunja Vihaari

Saavli Surata Para Jaaoon Bali Haari


O Most Beloved, Divine Lord Sri Sai, Thou art Lord Sri Vishnu – The Saviour and Sustainer of all and art The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Lakshmi – Who is The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Thou art Lord Shiva – The Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos and Thou art The Supreme Cosmic Dancer. Thou art The Destroyer of the ferocious demon Mura. O Dark-Hued Lord, Thou Holds The Divine Flute and Plays Enchanting Melodies and Captivating Tunes on it. Thou art Lord Sri Mukunda – Who Enchants our hearts and minds with Thy Constant Magnetic Smile and Grants us Liberation. Thou art Lord Sri Madhava – The Master of Divine Knowledge. As Lord Sri Giridhari, Thou Held The Govardhan Mountain, on Thy Little Finger, inorder to save Thy devotees, from the fury of devastating floods and calamities of the heavy rainfall. Thou Loves to Dance Thy Cosmic Dance – The Rasa Leela and moves about in the forest which is inhibited by the ferocious demon Madhu. O my Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai, I would sacrifice anything to have a Glance of Thy Beautiful Dark-Hued Face.


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