Namo Namo Nataraaja Namo Hara Jataa Joota Dhara Shambho

Namo Namo Nataraajaa

Paavana Brahmachaari

Daanava Mada Saunhaari

Parthi Puri Vihaari

Parama Dayaa Ghana Shouri

Namo Namo Nataraajaa

[Namo Namo Nataraajaa (5)]


O Most Beloved Divine Lord Natarja, Thou art Lord Shiva The Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos and art The Divine Divine King of Dance, with Matted Locks. Thou art The Cosmic Dancer and The Destroyer of our sins. Through Thy Dance of Joy The Entire Creation Functions. It is Thy Presence, that Instills Rhythm and Bliss. Thou brings about Dissolution on earth at the end of each era and Thou Dances Most Victoriously. Thy Cosmic Dance is the source of all movements, within The Cosmos and within each one of us, at The Atomic Level, at every moment. Thy Divine Dance Reflects Five Activities i.e. Creation, Protection, Destruction, Involution and Release. We bow down to Thee and offer our Most Humble Salutations to Thee. Thou art our Most Auspicious Lord – Who Resides in Parthi and observes celibacy. Thou art The Destroyer of demons. O Most Powerful Lord, Thou art Supremely Compassionate and we bow down and offer our Most Humble Salutations to Thee.


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