Naacha Naacha Kar Prabhu Guna Gaan

Raam Bhakta Mahaavira Hanumaan

Jai Jai Raam Jai Sitaa Raam Jai Jai Raam Jai Raajaa Raam (3)


O my Beloved Divine Lord Sri Hanuman Thou Dances Joyfully and Sings along The Glories of Lord Sri Rama. Thou art The Bravest of all and art The Most Devout and Most Ardent Devotee of Lord Sri Rama. We sing joyfully with Thee, The Praises and Divine Name of our Most Beloved, Ever-Victorious, Supreme Sovereign – Lord Sri Rama – Who is The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Sita. (Exact meaning of the word Hanuman – ‘Hanu’ means to destroy and ‘maan’ means ego – so HE Who has destroyed HIS Ego totally is Hanuman.)


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