Mana Mohanaa Madhusudanaa

Mangala Charanaa Naaraayanaa

Govardhana Ondhaari Gopaalanaa

Govinda Gopaala Naaraayanaa (3)

Mangala Charanaa Naaraayanaa


O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Krishna, Thou art The Enchanter of our hearts and minds and art The Destroyer of the ferocious demon Madhu. O Lord Sri Narayana, Thou art The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Lakshmi – Who is The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Thy Divine Feet are Most Auspicious. O Lord Sri Gopala, Thou art The Divine Cowherd Child, and as Lord Sri Giridhari, Thou Held The Govardhan Mountain, on Thy Little Finger, inorder to save Thy devotees, from the fury of devastating floods and calamities of the heavy rainfall. Thou art Lord Sri Govinda, The Protector of cows, the earth and of our senses.


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