Madhu Vana Sanchaari Shyaama Muraari

Hey Madhusudana Murali Dhaari

Madhu Vana Sanchaari Shyaama Muraari

Maadhava Mohana Mayura Mukuta Dhara

Mathuraa Naathaa Prabhu Giridhaari

Mathuraa Naathaa Sai Giridhaari


O Dark-Hued Lord Sri Krishna, Thou Moves about in the forest which is inhibited by the ferocious demon Madhu. Tho art The Destroyer of The ferocious demons Madhu and Mura. Thou Plays Enchanting Melodies and Captivating Tunes on Thy Divine Flute. Thou art Lord Sri Madhava, The Master of Divine Knowledge and art The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Lakshmi – Who is The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. O Enchanting Lord of Mathura Thy Crown is Adorned with a Beautiful Peacock Feather. O Lord Sri Sai Giridhari, Thou Held The Govardhana mountain, on Thy Little Finger, inorder to save Thy devotees from the fury of devastating floods and calamities of the heavy rainfall.


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