Lambodara Hey Gauri Nandana

Vighna Vinaashaka Shubhananaa

Siddhi Vinaayaka Hey Dukha Bhanjana

Asura Vinaashaka Shubhaanana

Gauri Manohara Mooshaka Vaahana

Vighna Vinaashaka Shubhananaa


O Pot-Bellied Lord Sri Ganesha, Thou art The Beloved Divine Child of Mother Gauri – Who is The Most Magnificient, Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art The Remover of Obstacles and Thy Beautiful Face is Most Auspicious. O Lord Sri Vinayaka, Thou art The Bestower of Accomplishments and art The Destroyer of sorrow. Thou art The Destroyer of demons. Thou art The Delight of Mother Gauri and Thou Rides Thy Divine Vehicle The Mouse.


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