Jaya Jaya Gajaananaa Gana Naathaa

Gauri Nandana Hey Gana Naathaa

Jaya Jaya Gajaananaa Gana Naathaa

Mukti Pradaayaka Hey Gana Naathaa

Siddhi Vinaayaka Hey Gana Naathaa

[Jaya Gana Naatha Sai Gana Naathaa


O Ever-Victorious Elephant-Faced Lord Sri Sai Ganesha, Thou art The Lord of The Demi-Gods. O Lord Sri Vinayaka, Thou art The Beloved Divine Son of Mother Gauri and art The Embodiment of Intellegence and Accomplishments. Thou art The Bestower of Intellect, Accomplishments and Liberation and we sing Thy Ever-Victorious Divine Name incessantly.


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