Jaya Jaya Devaa Jagadisha Devaa

Dayaa Saagaraa Sai Devaa

Jaya Jaya Devaa Jagadisha Devaa

Neeraja Nayanaa Kshiraabdhi Shayanaa

Neela Megha Shyaamaa

Saama Gaana Priya Sarva Dharma Priya Sathya Sai Mahaa Devaa (2)


O Ever-Victorious Lord Sri Sai, Thou art The Lord of The Entire Cosmos and art The Ocean of Mercy and Compassion. O Lotus-Eyed, Dark-Blue Complexioned Lord Sri Narayana, Thou art The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Lakshmi – Who is The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Thou Reclines Blissfully, on the serpent Coiled-Bed, of The Great Cobra-King – Lord Sri Aadi Shesha in The Ocean of Milk. O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sathya Sai, Thou art The Supreme Lord, Who Loves Congregational Devotional Music and Singing, which aims at The Well-Being of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art The Embodiment of all the Religions and Thou Loves all Religions equally.


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