Jagata Uddhaarini Maataa Durgaa Jagata Uddhaarini Maa

Jaago Jaago Maa Jaago Jaago Maa Jaago Jaago Maa Janani

Hey Gauri Devi Rana Chandi Devi Hey Shiva Ramanaa Jaago Maa

Hey Shiva Ramanaa Jaago Maa (2)

Jaago Jagata Uddhaarini Maa

Sai Jagata Uddhaarini Maa


This is a “Praana Prathisthaapana” song. The Deity – Mother Durga, has been sculptured in clay, dried, draped in the finest of silk garments, decked with gold and diamond jewellery and placed in the Shrine. Before the formal worship is begun, devotees chant this song and pray, “Goddess Mother, we have prepared this Statue of Thee in clay. Please infuse it with Thy Divine Presence. Please Breath Life into it and let it Awaken and come to Life.” The meaning of this bhajan is – O Most Beloved Divine Mother Durga, Thou art The Most Magnificient Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos and art The Uplifter of all. Please Wake Up into this image of Thee, so that we can pray before Thy Actual Self. O Mother Durga, Thou art Mother Chandi, Mother Gauri – The Beloved Divine Consort of Lord Shiva – Who is The Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos. Kindly Wake Up and Install Thyself in This Image and Transform this statue, into The Actual, Vibrant and Real Thee. O Sai, Thou art our Beloved Supreme Divine Mother and we sing Thy Praises incessantly.


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