Jagadaashraya Sri Raghu Raamaa

Jagadoddhaaraa Sai Raamaa

Jagadaashraya Sri Raghu Raamaa

Parama Paavanaa Taaraka Naamaa

Sri Raamaa Shata Koti Pranaamaa

Sai Raamaa Koti Pranaamaa

Sathya Sai Raamaa Koti Pranaamaa

Charanam Sharanam Aatmaa Raamaa

Sai Charanam Sharanam Aatmaa Raamaa


O Lord Sri Sai Rama, Thou art The Shelter and Uplifter of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art The Divine Jewel of The Raghu Dynasty and Thy Divine Name is Most Sacred and just reciting It Grants Liberation from this transmigratory existence. Thou hast within Thee The Brilliance and Tranquility of The Full Moon and Thou Purifies the restless mind. We offer millions and millions of our Humble Salutations at Thy Divine Lotus Feet. O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sathya Sai Rama, Thou Resides in our heart and Soul and we surrender ourselves and seek Refuge at Thy Divine Lotus Feet.


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