Hey Raama Bhaktaa Hey Raama Dootaa

Hey Raama Daasaa Namo Namo

Sitaa Maataa Shoka Vinaashaa

Anaatha Naathaa Namo Namo

Maaruti Raayaa Vaanara Kaayaa

Ati Balavantaa Namo Namo

Aanjaneyaa Namo Namo (3)

Veera Aanjaneyaa Namo Namo


O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Hanuman, Thou art The Most Ardent Devotee and The Divine Messenger of Lord Sri Rama. Thou art The Divine Servant of Lord Sri Rama and we bow down and offer our Most Humble Salutations to Thee. Thou art The Destroyer of the sorrow of Mother Sita. Thou art The Lord of the miserable and down-trodden ones. O Most Valiant and Bravest Lord Sri Hanuman, Thou art The Most Beloved Divine Son of Mother Anjani and we sing and chant Thy Divine Name and Glories incessantly. (Exact meaning of the word Hanuman – ‘Hanu’ means to destroy and ‘maan’ means ego – so HE Who has destroyed HIS Ego totally is Hanuman.)


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