Hey Anaatha Naatha Sai Tuma Ho Antarayaami

Tuma Ho Mere Bhagawaan

Deena Dukha Bhanjana Sahaaraa Do Mujhe

O Mere Sai Bhagawaan

Hridaya Mandira Mein Aao Sai Mere

Deejo Kripaa Varadaan

Tuma Ho Mere Bhagawaan


O Lord Sri Sai, Thou art The Indweller of our Hearts and art The Lord of the orphans. Thou art my Most Beloved Supreme Lord. O Destroyer of miseries of the afflicted ones, kindly give me Thy support. O my Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai, I Welcome Thee into The Temple of my heart. Kindly Bless me and Bestow on me, Thy Divine Unconditional Grace and Blessings.


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