Hara Hara Hara Mahaa Devaa

Trishoola Dumaru Dhaari

Aadi Naathaa Chandra Naathaa

Maheshwaraa Tripuraari

Hara Hara Hara Mahaa Devaa

Gangaa Dharaa Trilochanaa

Vaama Deva Mana Vihaari

Shankara Sri Bhootha Naathaa

Aayo Sharana Tihaanri


O Lord Shiva, Thou art The Most Auspicious, Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos and art The Destroyer of sin. In Thy Hands, Thou Holds The Trishul or The Divine Trident, which represents The Three Phases – each of Time, Space and Matter or Attributes. Thou Dances in Ecstacy Thy Divine Cosmic Dance – Tandava, to The Rhythmic Tune and Sound of The Heavenly Drum. Thou art Worshipped since Time Immemorial and Thy Forehead is Adorned with The Crescent Moon. Thou hast within Thee, The Tranquility of The Moon and Thou Purifies the restless mind. Thou art The Destroyer of Tripura – which are the three cities of gold, silver and iron which were built in the sky, air and on earth for the demons by Maya. Thou burnt down these cities along with the demons inhabiting them, at the request of The Gods. Thou art The Conqueror of all the Three Worlds, which signify The Three Gunas i.e. Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. In Thy Matted Hair, Thou Holds The Holy River Mother Ganga and Thou Holds The Third Spiritual Eye on Thy Forehead which represents The Sun, Moon and Fire. Thou art Vama Deva i.e. One of The Rudras and art The Indweller of our hearts. O Lord Shiva, Thou Controls evil spirits and we seek Refuge and Shelter at Thy Divine Lotus Feet.


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