Giridhaari Muraari Govindaa

Ghana Shyaama Muraari Gopaalaa

Giridhaari Muraari Govindaa

Sai Krishna Muraari Govindaa

Sathya Sai Muraari Gopaalaa


O Lord Sri Sai Giridhari, Thou Held The Govardhana Mountain on Thy Little Finger, inorder to protect Thy devotees from the fury of devastating floods and calamities of the heavy rainfall. O Dark-Hued Lord Sri Sai Krishna, Thou art The Destroyer of the ferocious demon Mura. Thou art The Divine Cowherd Lord Sri Govinda. O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sathya Sai Gopala, we sing and chant Thy Divine Names incessantly.


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