Ghana Shyaama Krishna Kanhaiyaa

Megha Shyaama Murali Bajaiyaa

Ghana Shyaama Krishna Kanhaiyaa

Nanda Kishora Maakhana Choraa

Yashodaa Baalaa Sri Hari Roopaa

Sai Kishora Natavara Laalaa


O Dark-Hued, Lord Sri Sai Krishna, Thy Complexion is Dark like The Rain Clouds and Thou plays Enchanting Melodies and Captivating Tunes on Thy Divine Flute. Thou art The Beloved Divine Son of Nanda. Thou art The Stealer of Pure Hearts. Just as butter is derived by churning milk or curds similarly, the heart is cleansed by the purification of thought, word and action and Thou Loves to steal such a pure heart. O Beloved Divine Infant of Mother Yashoda, Thou art The Supreme Divine Incarnation of Lord Sri Hari Narayana. Thou art The Saviour and Sustainer of all and Mother Lakshmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity is Thy Beloved Divine Consort. Thou art our Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Krishna – The Divine Dancer.


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