Ganapati Om Jaya Ganapati Om

Gaja Mukha Varadaa Ganapati Om

Mooshaka Vaahana Gajaananaa

Modaka HastaaGajaananaa

Parama Niranjana Gajaananaa

Paada Namaste Gajaananaa


O Ever-Victorious, Elephant-Faced Lord Sri Ganesha, Thou art The Bestower of Boons. Thou rides on Thy Divine Vehicle – The Mouse and Thou has the Modak (a sweet made out of milk in the shape of a mini coconut) in Thy Hand. Modak means if you lead life spiritually then you get sweetness in your life. Thou art Eternally and Immaculately Pure and we surrender ourselves and prostrate at Thy Divine Lotus Feet.


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