Gajaananaa Gajaananaa

Siddhi Vinaayaka Gajaananaa

Gajaananaa Gajaananaa

Ashta Vinaayaka Sri Gana Raayaa

Ashta Vinaayaka Gajaananaa (3)


O Elephant-Faced Lord Sri Ganesha, Thou art The Bestower of Virtues and Accomplishments. Thou art Lord Sri Vinayaka – The Embodiment of Intelligence and Achievement. Thou art The Lord of Demi-Gods and art worshipped as The Ashta Vinayaka. (There are eight temples in Maharashtra dedicated to Lord Sri Ganesha. They are related to various episodes from the Puranas and other legends and these Deities are collectively known as Ashta Vinayaka. It is a must-do pilgrim for Ganesha devotees. Ashta means eight and Vinayaka is ONE of The Names of Lord Sri Ganesha. The famous eight Ganesha Temples located in western Maharashtra are known as sacred places and millions of devotees visit these Ashta Vinayaka temples. Each temple has its own individual mythology and history, each idol in these temples are distinct from each other and are known by a different name in each temple. These idols are ‘Swayambhu’ which means sculptured by nature and are housed in the temples created ages ago at the places where the effigies were first identified.)


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