Gaana Priye Sai Karunaa Mayi

Kaadambari Amba Kaatyaayani

Gaana Priye Sai Karunaa Mayi

Hari Vallabhe Sukha Daayini

Ambaa Hari Vallabhe Sukha Daayini

Omkaara Roopini Naaraayani

Bhuvaneshwari Jagan Mohini

Bhuvaneshwari Ambaa Jagan Mohini

Sri Chakra Vaasini Saishwari


O Lord Sri Sai, Thou Loves Devotional Music and Singing and art The Most Compassionate and Most Merciful Lord. Thou art Divine Mother Kadambari i.e. – Mother Saraswati, The Goddess of Knowledge and Intellect. Thou art Divine Mother Katyayani i.e. – Mother Parvati, Who is The Most Magnificient Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art Mother Lakshmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity and art The Beloved Divine Consort of Lord Sri Vishnu, Who is The Saviour and Sustainer of all. Thou art The Bestower of All Happiness and art The Embodiment of The Primeval Form of The Divine Sound ‘Om’. Thou art Lord Sri Vishnu, Thou Assumed The Enticing Feminine Form of Goddess Mohini during The ‘Sagar Manthan’ or The Churning of The Ocean inorder to distract the demons and prevent them from drinking the Nectar of Immortality. O Most Beloved Divine Mother Sai, Thou art Most Enchanting and Thou Resides In The Sri Chakra.


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