Dhim Dhim Dhimi Dhimi Natana Shivaa

Om Dhim Dhim Dhimi Dhimi Natana Shivaa

Taandava Keli Vilaasa Shivaa

Om Dhim Dhim Dhimi Dhimi Natana Shivaa

Leelaa Maanusha Vesha Shivaa

Lingod Bhava Kara Sai Shivaa

Atma Lingod Bhava Kara Sai Shivaa

Sai Shivaa Hara Baala Shivaa


O Lord Sai Shiva, Thou art The Most Auspicious, Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos and art The Divine King of Dance. Thou art The Divine Performer of – The Cosmic Dance Tandava. Thou Dances to the Rhythmic Sound of the Mridangam in all Ecstacy. O Lord Shiva, Thou art Lord Nataraja – The Lord of The Divine Cosmic Dance – Tandava. Through Thy Dance of Joy, The Entire Creation Functions. It is Thy Presence that instills Rhythm and Bliss. Thou brings about Dissolution on earth at the end of each era and Thou Dances Most Victoriously. Thy Cosmic Dance is the source of all movements within The Cosmos and within each one of us, at The Atomic Level, at every moment. Thy Divine Dance Reflects Five Activities i.e. Creation, Protection, Destruction, Involution and Release. O Lord Sai Shiva Thou has taken this Human Form under disguise, so that Thou can sport Thy Miracles. Thou art The Destroyer of sins and sorrows and just by Thy Divine Will Thou Creates The Lingam. Thy Linga is Eternal, Inexhaustible, Imperishable and is The Supreme Soul which is Magnificiently Effulgent and Full of Luster and Splendour and it is The Destroyer of evil. Just as ‘Om’ is the ‘Sound Symbol’ of God, similarly The Linga is the ‘Form Symbol’ of God. It is a symbol of Beginninglessness. All Thy Names and Forms are Merged into The Lingam. The Lingam is the fittest symbol of The All Pervasive, The All Knowing, The All Powerful, Everything submerged in ONE Formless Supreme Self Who is a Marvellous Phenomenon.


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