Dehi Sharanam Simha Vaahini

Dehi Sharanam Asura Vinaashini

Dehi Sharanam Bhava Bhaya Haarini

Dehi Sharanam Hari Naaraayani

Dehi Sharanam Brahma Sanaatani

Dehi Sharanam Sai Naaraayani


O Most Beloved Divine Mother Durga, Thou art The Most Magnificient Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos and Thou Rides on Thy Divine Vehicle – The Lion. O Mother, kindly be our Refuge and Protect us. Thou

art The Destroyer of demons. Thou art The Destroyer of the fear of the innumerable cycles of births and deaths and of the bondage of worldly existence. Thou art The Supreme Soul and The Divine Source of The Cosmos, Who Beholds Righteousness. Since Time Immemorial, Thou art art Worshipped in The Traditional Hindu Religion. Thou art Mother Lakshmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity and art the Beloved Divine Consort of Lord Sri Narayana, Who is The Saviour and Sustainer of all. O Divine Mother, Thou art The Infinite One. O Mother Sai, kindly Grant us Thy Divine Shelter and Protect us.


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