Dayaa Karo Shiva Gangaa Dhaari

Kripaa Karo Shiva Hey Tripuraari

Dayaa Karo Shiva Gangaa Dhaari

Naama Madhura Shubha Mangala Kaari

Alakha Niranjana Trishoola Dhaari

Dayaa Karo Dayaa Karo Dayaa Karo Bholaa Bhandaari

Dayaa Karo Kripaa Karo Rakshaa Karo Bholaa Bhandaari


O Lord Shiva, Thou Holds The Holy River Ganga in Thy Matted Hair. Kindly Have Mercy on us. Shower Thy Unconditional Grace on us O Lord. Thou art The Most Auspicious, Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art The Lord of All The Three Worlds. O Lord Shiva, Thou art The Destroyer of Tripura which are the three cities of gold, silver and iron which were built in the Sky, Air and on Earth for the demons by Maya. Thou burnt down these cities along with the demons inhabiting them at the request of The Gods. Thou art The Conqueror of all the Three Worlds, which signify The Three Gunas i.e. Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. Thy Divine Name is Most Mellifluous and Thou art The Bestower of all Auspiciousness. O Imperceptible and Most Pure One, Thou art All Merciful and Holds The Divine Trident in Thy Hand which represents The Three Phases – each of Time, Space and Matter or Attributes. Kindly Shower Thy Grace on us and Protect us at all times. Thou art The Lord Who art Most easy to Please.


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