Dayaa Kari Maa Hey Kripaa Kari Maa

Shirdi Puri Parthi Puri Jagat Puri Maa

Dayaa Kari Maa Hey Kripaa Kari Maa

Charanon Mein Aaye Tere Bhakta Jana Maa

Gyaan De Ke Agyaan Doora Karo Maa

Shakti Do Bhakti Do Mukti Do Maa

Dayaa Karo Kripaa Karo Rakshaa Karo Maa


O Most Merciful and Most Compassionate Divine Mother Sai, Thou Resides in Shirdi, Parthi and The Entire Cosmos. O Divine Mother, we devotees surrender ourselves at Thy Divine Lotus Feet. Kindly Bestow Intelligence on us and Remove our ignorance. Kindly Bestow on us Energy, Strength, Devotion and Eternal Liberation. O Mother, be kind and compassionate towards us and Protect us.


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