Chandra Kirana Kula Mandana Raam

Srimaad Dasharatha Nandana Raam

Kausalyaa Sukha Vardhana Raam

Vishwaamitra Priya Dhana Raam

[Raama Raama Jaya Raajaa Raam

Raama Raam Jaya Sitaa Raam

Raama Raama Jaya Raajaa Raam

Raama Raama Jaya Sai Raam]


O Lord Sri Rama, just as The Moon has descended from The Sun, similarly, Thou has descended from the same Lineage of The Sun God. Thou hast within Thee, The Brilliance and Tranquility of The Full Moon and Thou Purifies the restless mind. Thou art The Divine Jewel of Thy Dynasty. Thou art The Beloved Divine Son of King Dasharatha and The Happiness Bestowing Delight of Mother Kaushalya. Thou art The Most Precious Treasure of Thy Guru Vishwamitra.


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