Bhasma Bhushitaanga Sai Chandra Shekharaa

Bhaala Netra Shoola Dhaari Sai Shankaraa

Bhasma Bhushitaanga Sai Chandra Shekharaa

Saama Gaana Priya Karaa Sai Sundaraa

Hara Hara Hara Shiva Shambho Natana Shekharaa

Parthi Vaasaa Sai Deva Sai Shankaraa

Sai Shankaraa Sai Shankaraa

Sai Shankaraa Sathya Sai Shankaraa

[Hara Hara Shankara Jai Jai Shankara

Shambho Shambho Shambho]


O Lord Sai Shiva, Thou art The Most Auspicious, Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art Adorned and Decorated with The Sacred Holy Ash all over Thy Body. It is a sign of Highest Renunciation. Vibhuti or The Holy Ash is symbolic of The Ultimate Reality which remains when the Gross of Ego is Burnt away, by the Fire of Divine Illumination. O Lord Sai Shankara, Thou Wears The Crescent Moon on Thy Head. Thou hast within Thee The Brilliance and Tranquility of The Full Moon and Thou Purifies the restless mind. Thou has The Third Spiritual Eye on Thy Forehead. Thou Holds The Divine Trident in Thy Hand which represents The Three Phases – each of Time, Space and Matter or Attributes. O Sai Shankara, Thou art the Embodiment of Sound and Thou Loves Devotional music, singing and dancing. According to The Sama Veda, Thou can be pleased with music. The Vedas are actually The Very Breath of God. The Unique Importance of Vedas rests in the fact that They Confer Peace and Security on the entire society. O my Most Beloved Divine Lord Sathya Sai Shankara of Puttaparthi, Thou art Lord of Lords and art The Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos.


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