Bhajo Re Maanasa Aatmaa Raamam

Aatmaa Raamam Sai Raamam

Bhajo Re Maanasa Aatmaa Raamam

Aatmaa Tatvam Brahma Swaroopam

Ekam Nityam Vimalam Achalam

Shuddha Brahmam Bhaavaa Titam

Bhajo Re Bhajo Re Maanasa Bhajo Re


O man sing, chant and worship incessantly The Divine Name of Lord Sri Rama, Who is Enshrined in our hearts and Soul. O Lord, Thou art none other than our own Lord Sri Sai Baba. Always remember The Eternal Principle, that The Atma in us is a minute particle of Parmaatmaa -Who is The Supreme Soul. That Atma within us is The One, Eternal, Immaculate, Unmoving, Unchanging, Untarnishable and Imperishable. It is a Speck of The Transcendental Divinity.


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