Bhajo Re Bhajo Re Gana Naatham Bhajo Re

Bhajo Re Gana Naatham Bhajo Re

Buddhi Pradaayaka Paapa Vinaashaka

Vighnesham Bhajo Re

Abhaya Pradaayaka Aananda Daayaka

Shiva Nandanam Bhajo Re Gana Naatham Bhajo Re


Sing, chant and worship incessantly, The Divine Name of Lord Sri Ganesha, Who is The Lord of The Demi-Gods and is The Bestower of Knowledge and Intellect. O Lord Sri Vighneshwara, Thou art The Destroyer of sins and obstacles. Thou art the Grantor of Fearlessness and Divine Bliss. Thou art The Beloved Divine Son of Lord Shiva, Who is The Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos and we sing Thy Divine Name and Glory incessantly.


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