Bhajo Mana Krishna Gopaal

Bhaja Krishna Gopaal Bhajo Mana Re

Bhajo Mana Krishna Gopaal

Yadu Nanda Gopaal Bhajo Re

Mukunda Gopaal Bhajo Re

Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam Bhajo Re (2)


O mind, sing, chant and worship incessantly – The Divine Name of Lord Sri Krishna. O Lord Sri Gopala, Thou art The Divine Cowherd Child of Gokul. Thou art The Beloved Divine Child of The Yadav Dynasty. Thou art Lord Sri Mukunda – Who Enchants our hearts and minds with Thy Constant Magnetic Smile and Grants us Liberation. Sing and chant the Divine Name of Lord Sri Govinda, who is The Protector of cows and The Grantor of Liberation, because only that will help you cross this worldly ocean.


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