Bhajo Gana Naayaka Gaja Vadanaa

Mangala Daayaka Shubha Charanaa

Bhajo Gana Naayaka Gaja Vadanaa

Siddhi Vinaayaka Shiva Nandanaa

Aananda Daayaka Chitta Chandanaa

Buddhi Pradaayaka Jaga Vandanaa


Chant, sing and worship The Divine Names of The Elephant-Faced Lord Sri Ganesha Who is The Leader of The Divine Forces and Demi-Gods. O Lord Sri Ganesha, All Auspiciousness, Success and Liberation is achieved at Thy Divine Lotus Feet. Thou art The Bestower of All Accomplishments and Proficiency. Thou art The Embodiment of Intelligence and Achievements. O Bestower of Bliss, Thou appears as cool as Sandalwood. Thou art The Bestower of Intellect and Knowledge and art worshipped by The Entire Cosmos.


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