Bhajana Gaao Bhajana Gaao

Prema Sudhaa Aananda Barsaao

Bhajana Gaao Bhajana Gaao

Prema Se Gaao Bhaava Se Gaao

Mana Se Gaao Dhyaan Se Gaao

Swami Aayenge Kirtana Mein

Baba Aayenge Kirtana Mein

Dekho Baba Aaye Hain Kirtana Mein

Sathya Sai Aaye Hain Kirtana Mein


Sing The Divine Glory and Praises of The Supreme Divine Lord and let Showers of Divine Nectar of Love and Bliss pour. Sing with your heart and Soul in it and in perfect tune, filled with feelings. Sing with love and surely Swami will come during The Bhajan. Look, Swami will surely come during the Bhajan. Look out, Swami has come. Look out Sathya Sai Baba has come here amongst us, while we sing HIS Divine Glory.


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