Bhaja Mana Raam Bhaja Mana Raam Govinda Naaraayanaa

Govinda Naaraayanaa Gopaala Naaraayanaa (2)

Raamaaya Naaraayanaa Krishnaaya Naaraayanaa

Sai Raamaaya Naaraayanaa Krishnaaya Naaraayanaa

[Sai Raamaaya Naaraayanaa

Sai Krishnaaya Naaraayanaa]


O mind, sing, chant and worship incessantly, The Divine Name of Lord Sri Rama. O Lord Sri Govinda, Thou art The Divine Cowherd. Thou art Lord Sri Narayana – The Saviour and Sustainer of all and art The Beloved Divine Lord of Mother Lakshmi – Who is The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai, Thou art The Divine Incarnation of Lord Sri Narayana, Lord Sri Rama and Lord Sri Krishna.


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