Bhagawaan Hamaaraa Raam

Bhagawaan Hamaaraa Sai Raam

Bhagawaan Hamaaraa Raam

Jaga Maga Saare Tere Liye

Yeh Tana Mana Dhana Sare Tere Liye

Mere Mana Kaa Sitar Baaje Tere Liye

Hame Rakshaa Karo Bhagawaan

Hame Kripaa Karo Sai Raam


O Lord Sri Sai Rama, Thou art our Most Beloved Supreme Lord. All this Sparkling materialistic world belongs to Thee. My body, my mind and my wealth is all for Thee. The strings of my heart play melodiously for Thee. O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai Rama, kindly Protect us and Shower Thy Unconditional Grace on us.


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