Bajaranga Bali Jaya Hanumaan

Prem Bhakti Ke Moorata Mahaan

Raam Bhakti Ke Moorata Mahaan

Bajaranga Bali Jaya Hanumaan

Sankata Mochana Jaya Hanumaan

Baara Baara Karoon Tumhe Pranaam


O Ever-Victorious Lord Sri Hanuman, Thou Art The Most Powerful and Strongest. Thou art The Embodiment of Intense Love and Devotion to The Lord. Thou art The Most Staunch Devotee of Lord Sri Rama. O Ever Victorious Destroyer of sorrows and miseries I bow to Thee repeatedly and offer my Salutations to Thee. (Exact meaning of the word Hanuman – ‘Hanu’ means to destroy and ‘maan’ means ego – so HE Who has destroyed HIS Ego totally is Hanuman.)


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