Arunaachala Shiva Arunaachala Shiva Arunaachala Shiva Aruna Shivaay

Akshaya Lingaa Aatma Lingaa

Tejo Maya Vigraha Lingaa

Iha Para Sukha Daayakaa Ishaa Iha Para Daayakaa

Iha Para Sukha Daayakaa Sai Iha Para Daayakaa

[Om Namah Shivaaya Shivaaya Namah Om (3)

Haraaya Namah Om

Bhavaaya Namah Om

Om Namah Shivaaya Shivaaya Namah Om]


O Lord, Thou art The Most Supreme Lord Shiva of Arunachala. Arunachala literally means the place where the Sun does not move. It is also known as The Hill of Dawn or The Hill of Fire. Thy Linga is Eternal, Inexhaustible, Imperishable and is The Supreme Soul. Thy Glorious Linga is Magnificiently Effulgent and Full of Luster and Splendour and it is The Destroyer of all evil. Just as ‘Om’ is the ‘Sound Symbol’ of God, similarly The Linga is the ‘Form Symbol’ of God. O Most Auspicious Lord Sai Shiva, Thou art the Grantor of all happiness and Bliss here itself. We bow to Thee O Lord Sai Shiva. It is a Symbol of Beginninglessness. All Thy Names and Forms are Merged into The Lingam. The Lingam is the fittest symbol of The All Pervasive, The All Knowing, The All Powerful, Everything submerged in ONE Formless Supreme Self, Who is a Marvellous Phenomenon. O Most Belove Lord Shiva, we bow down and offer our Salutaions to Thee and chant and sing Thy Divine Names and Glories incessantly.


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