Arunaachala Naatha Sri Sai Ramanaa

Dakshina Murte Jagat Guru Ramanaa

Ishwara Maheshwara Sri Shiva Shankara

Paarvati Ramanaa Sri Parthishaa Ramanaa

Gyaana Mukti Daayaka Maarga Darshaka

Mounopadesha Daataa Venkata Ramanaa

Sri Aruna Giri Naatha Sri Kaartikeyaa

Sri Sadguru Devaa Sri Parthisha Ramanaa


O Lord Sri Sai Raama, Thou art Lord Shiva of Arunachala Mountains. Arunachala literally means the place where the Sun does not move. It is also known as The Hill of Dawn or The Hill of Fire. O Lord, Thou art The Supreme Divine Master of Dakshineshwar. O Lord Sai Shiva Shankara of Parthi Thou art The Most Auspicious, Supreme Divine Lord of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art The Lord of Mother Parvati – Who is The Most Magnificient Supreme Divine Mother of The Entire Cosmos. Thou art The Bestower of Knowledge and Liberation. Thou art our Supreme Guide. Thou art Lord Sri Vishnu – The Saviour and Sustainer of all and Mother Lakshmi The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity is Thy Beloved Divine Consort. Thou art The ONE Who gave The Advice of Silence. Thou art Lord Kartikeya, The Lord of Arunachal Mountain and art our Supreme Divine Master Who Resides in Parthi. (Kartikeya derives this Sanskrit name from Krittika, the constellation of six Stars known to the West as the Pleiades. HE first Appeared as Six Baby Boys and the Krittikas were HIS Foster Mothers. When Mother Parvati came to get HER Divine Son SHE gathered all The Six Babies into one big hug and so HE became One Boy with Six Heads i.e. Shanmukha in Sanskrit. They symbolise HIS Multi-Faceted Personality as The War Lord Born to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati to destroy the ferocious demon Surapadman, as The Divine Mendicant, The Divine Healer, The Unconditional Divine Lover and The Spiritual Master. Thou art the Embodiment of The Primeval Sound ‘Om’. Thou art called Murugan in Tamil meaning ‘The Most Beautiful One’. Thy Divine Vehicle is The Mayuram or The Divine Peacock and Thy Weapon is the Vel or Spear. Artists usually portray an endearing image of Big Brother Lord Sri Ganesha with HIS Trunk flung protectively around a Small, Curly-Headed Lord Kartikeya. O Most Beloved Divine Lord Kartikeya praying to Thee for a child’s welfare is considered very auspicious, especially verses from Adi Shankara’s Subrahmanya Bhujangam.)


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