Apne Dil Ki Pukaar Aaye Hai Tujho Ko Sunaane

Haathon Mein Aashaa Ki Jyoti Hamaare

Aaye Hain Dar Pe Tere Sar Ko Jhukaane

Apne Dil Ki Pukaar Aaye Hai Tujho Ko Sunaane

Tere Bin Soonaa Lage Jaga Saaraa

Tere Bin Apnaa Naa Koi Hamaaraa

Jaba Se Tujha Ko Hai Paayaa O Sai

Tuhja Ko Dil Mein Basaayaa Hai O Sai

Tere Liye Hai Yeh Jismo Jaan

Apne Dil Ki Pukaar Aaye Hai Tujho Ko Sunaane

Sai Deep Bankar Hum Jagmagaayenge

Sai Geet Hum Sadaa Gun Gunaayenge

Sanga Tere Rahenge Hum O Sai

Duniyaa Ko Khushiyon Se Bhar Denge O Sai

Tujha Se Hamaare Hain Do Jahaan


O Most Beloved Divine Lord Sri Sai Baba, we have come to convey to Thee the call of our heart. In our hands we have the lamp of Hope. We have come to Thy Door-Step, to bow down and offer our Most Humble Salutations to Thee. O Lord Sri Sai, without Thee The Whole World is lonely because we do not have anyone of our own except for Thee. Ever since we have got Thee, we nstalled Thee in The Temple of our hearts and we promise Thee, that this body and life is for Thee. Swami, we shall shine by being Thy Lamps. We shall always sing Thy Divine Praises and be with Thee. O Lord Sri Sai, We Promise Thee that now, that we have Thee, we shall always fill happiness in the world, no matter where we are.


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