Anuraaga Mandiraa Ghana Neela Sundaraa

Karunaa Kara Kamalaa Vara Sri Tirumaleshwaraa

Anuraaga Mandiraa Ghana Neela Sundaraa

Kaliyuga Avataaraa Kavi Hridaya Vihaaraa

Kalasha Doora Bhaya Vidaara Parthipura Sanchaara

Sridhara Daamodara Shrita Maanasa Choraa


O Most Beloved Dark-Blue Hued Lord, Thou art The Embodiment of Unconditional Divine Love. Thou art Most Merciful and Most Compassionate and Mother Lakshmi Who is The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity is Thy Beloved Divine Consort. O Lord Sri Venkateshwara Thou Resides at Tirupati in The Tirumala Hills. O Lord Sri Sai of Puttaparthi, Thou art The Divine Incarnation of The Kali Age and art The Indweller of our hearts. Thou art The ONE, Who cuts off the sins of this Age and Removes fear. Thou art called Damodara (Daam means rope and Udar means stomach) because Thou would be tied by Thy Beloved Divine Mother Yashoda on Thy Stomach or waiste and then Thou would be tied on a pole as that would be Thy punishment for stealing butter from Thy neighbouring houses. Thou art The Stealer of our hearts. Just as butter is derived by churning milk or curds, similarly the heart is cleansed by the purification of thought, word and action and Thou Loves to steal such a pure heart.


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